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What is ISDN2?


ISDN 2 - Digital voice and data communications


ISDN 2 is Telstra's ISDN service, a digital service that can replace your conventional analogue telephone line. With an ISDN 2 service you will be able to continue making normal telephone or fax calls while you surf the Internet or send data. And, in most cases, you will even be able to keep your existing telephone number.


Features & Benefits

ISDN 2 features include:

  • ISDN 2 can upgrade your analogue line to two digital lines to cater for everyone from home users to small businesses and branch offices of large corporations

  • each digital connection can carry both voice and data services

  • a greater bandwidth - 2 x 64Kbps or 128Kbps up for quick safe and clear transfer of data including graphics, studio-quality videos and large data files plus speedy Internet and email access

  • only one service connection is required for telephones, faxes and computers allowing people to work remotely in the field or at home

  • video conferencing facilities with live, full-colour, two-way video, audio and data communication

  • You also have the flexibility to add optional features such as Direct Indial, which allows callers to bypass the switchboard and dial staff direct, or Line Hunt, which diverts incoming calls to the first free line to make sure your calls are answered when you are not available. ISDN 2 can be set up as either point to point, or point to multipoint allowing a wide range of hardware compatibility.

  • ISDN 2 is supported by 24 hour fault reporting, fault restoration within 12 hours and service coverage from 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday, including public holidays.