iPlanet(TM) Web Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 enables companies to react quickly to market demands by providing a high performance, highly scalable and flexible web server that delivers dynamic content to their web site(s).  The virtualization of domains and robust security features in iPlanet Web Server 6.0 enables service providers and enterprises to provide a better quality of service to their customers.  This improved service ensures that companies can handle the massive volume demanded by successful web sites in the Net Economy and improve the management of their operations by lowering the costs of their infrastructure.
Virtual Server Support
The virtualization of servers enables companies to dynamically configure individual domain names, IP addresses, combine secure and non-secure sites within a single installed server instance.  Multiple virtual servers can be grouped together in classes, making configuration and maintenance of the servers much easier.  iPlanet Web Server 6.0's redesign of virtual server support provides a robust solution for both Service Providers and Enterprises alike, accommodating the rigorous demands of the marketplace. 

Feature-rich Administration
The administration interface gives a customer fine-grained control over each virtual server without sacrificing ease-of-use.  Administrators can control site access, delegate administration, configure multiple servers, replicate configuration across servers, change configuration dynamically, and much more. In addition to the GUI, command line support has been added in some areas of HTTP server administration, certificate & key management, and Web Application deployment. The iPlanet Web Server also gives more control over users through tighter integration with LDAP directory servers.

Improved Scalability and Performance 
The iPlanet Web Server delivers high performance for dynamic and secure content with features such as HTTP/1.1 support, multithreading, and support for SSL hardware accelerators. Additionally, with results caching, improved keep-alive handling, and a myriad of other performance enhancements, the iPlanet Web Server is faster than ever before. The SPECweb99 benchmark results from April 12, 2001 prove that the iPlanet Web Server 6.0 is the fastest web server on the planet.

J2EE Web Container  
iPlanet Web Server includes a high-performance, in-process J2EE compliant implementation of Java Servlets 2.2 and Java Server Pages 1.1.  With a J2EE compliant web container, customers now have the flexibility and reliability that is needed to design and deploy Web Applications that comply with Java standards.  Web Applications can be deployed on a per-virtual-server basis.

Improved SSL Performance
The  iPlanet Web Server lets customers secure online transactions with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 2.0 & 3.0, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 connections.  With iPlanet Web Server 6.0, SSL and TLS performance are better than ever before. 

Documentation and Useful Links
Reference Material contains Web Server documentation, including release notes, programmer's guides, and the installation and administration guides.  "Performance Tuning and Sizing," an online document on the iPlanet web site, describes several techniques to optimize the Web Server for your particular environment.
Developer Portal contains valuable information for developers about all iPlanet products and technologies. Look for the latest developments and technologies from iPlanet. 
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